Compiler's Notes

Reminiscences of "Captain" W. S. Ray

Chapter I -- Backward, Turn Backward
Chapter II -- Battle of Belmont
Chapter III -- Federals Open Cumberland River
Chapter IV -- Shiloh
Chapter V -- Retrospect of Bloody Pond
Chapter VI -- Shiloh to Corinth & Environs
Chapter VII -- "Sell Your Lives as Dear as Possible"
Chapter VIII -- Tennessee to Georgia
Chapter IX -- Siege of Atlanta
Chapter X -- Incidents and Emotions of a Boy Soldier
Chapter XI -- Sherman's Campaign
Chapter XII -- The Barefoot Squad
Chapter XIII -- Deserted by the Army
Chapter XIV -- The Last Mile

Early Days in Sevier County

Chapter I -- Southern Inhospitality
Chapter II -- Pioneer Country
Chapter III -- Entertainment and Behavior
Chapter IV -- Rolling Fork Salt Works
Chapter V -- Agriculture - The Hard Way
Chapter VI -- Indians and Their Entertainment
Chapter VII -- Early Day Milling, Building & Manufacture
Chapter VIII -- Counterfeiting and the Inventive Genius
Chapter IX -- Notable Families of Sevier County Arkansas

Wandering Willie

Wandering Willie - Writings to DeQueen Bee

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