Reminiscences of “Captain” Wm. S. Ray

My great-great-grandfather served as a soldier in the Civil War, on the Confederate side.  In his later years, he wrote about his experiences. The journal has been kept in the family, and I converted his writings into electronic form.

For what it’s worth, my great-great-great grandfather on the other side of my family served in the Union army.  Both of these ancestors of mine were present at the battle of Shiloh, fighting on opposite sides.  I’m grateful that they didn’t shoot each other.

I’m also grateful that the Union won.

I don’t present the writings of my Confederate ancestor to glorify the vile idea of enslaving humans. “Captain” Ray doesn’t express a lot of political ideology in his writings, but when he does, I have not censored nor edited it, and the reader should not assume I endorse it.

For the writings of “Captain” Ray, click here.

My Union ancestor, Sanford Cochran, didn’t leave any journals of his experiences that I’m aware of.